Hi there friend from the WWW ✌🏾

After almost a decade in the advertising industry, I’ve made the decision to start my own business.

Since my first experience with remote work in 2015 I am a true advocate.

I value the freedom and flexibility, but I’ve made the experience that the human level is neglected in this technical world.

I want to change that and am therefore working on RemoteNActive.

On this page I publish my thoughts and experiences on the subject of being self-employed in the digital industry.

All information is my personal opinion.

I am not affiliated with any brand or company (other than my own) and do not have any affiliate links or ads on this site.

Some further hard facts about me:


Industries I have experience with: Entertainment (VoD), Sports, Telco, Automotive

Education / Learning


  • I’m a passionate sportsperson & Certified Group Fitness Trainer, currently giving 2 Group Fitness classes (interim) @ John Reed Fitness Berlin
  • I grew up playing SNES, loved Zelda and Mario Kart and used to play Counter Strike in the ESL Top 100 (very, veeeeery long ago)